Sunday, 15 August 2010

☺Again, LIFE

Sometimes, dalam hidup nie kita takkan dapat apa yang kita nak, or the way we want it to be. But sometimes we'll get something almost the same, perhaps. Though it isnt exactly like what we dream of. And yeah, sometimes we get what we really dont want it in our life. Tapi kadang-kadang kita sendiri, we are dreaming toooooo much things our own way, and wishing it sooo badly for it to come true. For me dreaming abt something isnt wrong anyway. But later, we will start to build up some hope, expectation etc. Tapi bila things not working the way we want them supposed to be, kita putus harapan. Hopeless. Then we tend to blame life for whats not. Sampai kita rasa that this thing tak patut berlaku, indeed. And keep asking why this kinda freaking life treating us this bad. Ive been through that. Im not regretting it anyway. Because somehow i think it makes me stronger. AND of course, we can plan what we want to, but Allah decides everything. And He is the best planner.
And i know life wudnt be that long.


pak cik senget said...

Dont despair n nver loose hope,cause Allah is always by ur side.Insya-Allah u'll find ur way.

Liyana Rushdan said...

shi shi :]

entah lah senget said...

xie xie la...not shi shi.
bukeqie :P

Liyana Rushdan said...

oh boleh kamu jadi 'lao shi' saya ni
btw, ni hen laooooo.
cari sendiri maksud.

entah lah senget said...

wo hui shuo yidian
wo xiang wo bu mingbai "ni hen lao???"

ape maksud?

Liyana Rushdan said...

ni-awak hen-sangat lao-tua
and btw, ape yang kamu ngarut tu tak paham aaa haha

entah lah senget said...

sy xrti ckp cina sgt
sy rase sy xpaham la ape yg awk ckp "ni hen lao"

ouh tua?.xpe.tue hny agka.yg pnting jiwa mude.

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