Monday, 23 August 2010

☺Want you to know

It was like near midnight.  I was really not the accessible to the internet recently. But the lappy was still on and I had the chance peeping what’s on it. Yeah it was lame; doing such thing again and again; just peeping on the mail, fb, etc.

Fna nak retire dah from blogging. which cause my aspirations for blogging seem to slowly die down. heee. But still, I hope she's not serious. huhu.

Anyhoo, I wish to extend my heartfelt tonite. Actually, I am very grateful that have almost everything that I wanted in my life.

Alhamdulillah :]

My love ones always around me everytime I need them. But I dont want jst merely ‘exist’ in their or YOUR world especially. I simply just want to ‘live’ with you, with you reminding me, any of my wrongdoings, mischief behaviour or anything.  And of course, with you leading me to a good life for the Hereafter and pushing for the same aim with me, which are to have a life devoted to islam and to gain keredhaan Allah swt.

Frankly speaking, I do keep on telling and reminding others; be strong, not to give up, dekatkan diri dgn Dia and never look back. But then, when it comes to yr own self, it’s like, you know. Cakap mmg senang.

Btw I just want you to know this. Besides my family, you are the one yg important in my life. I need you in my life, needless to say. I do appreciate you in my life. I had no intention untuk menagih simpati or wtsoever. I jst hope I’d be able to share this feeling of being appreciated. How it feels, that I do appreciate your presence. This is nothing rather than the companionship provided by you all the time. And I am blessed to have you and my family in this life.  Many thanks <3

And thank you Allah for lending them to me for this while.
Gnite ppl. assalamualaikum :]


baldibiru said...


Fna Ishak said...

ceh sape la kwn yg bertuah tu, hee. err sorry yana, im serious & jgn la nk poyo konon aspirations turun bla bla bla, alasan tak legit lgsg ;p

Liyana Rushdan said...

fna. semangatku kian hilang suda apabila kau tiada lagi disisi.
*saje buat fna sentap. c[:

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